5 pillars of a learning organization explained (12/8/2020) - First of all, what is a learning organization anyway? A learning organization is a one that provides and embraces an environment where continuous learning and improvement is ingrained in its culture, leadership, and overall day-to-day operations. The idea was first introduced by Peter Senge. With organizations facing competition across the globe, continuous learning is just […]
DynamoDB Cheat Sheet (11/16/2020) - I have created a DynamoDB Cheat Sheet, which is based off of DynamoDB as of 11/14/2020. Does it include everything, of course not, and it may become obsolete at some point given the frequency of how often AWS updates their product line.  However, I will try to keep this updated as things change, and if […]
Aspects of a Thorough Automated Testing Strategy (6/2/2020) - Automated testing is one of, if not the most critical pieces of having a reliable CI/CD process which is defined below. Continuous Integration (CI) The process of pushing working (following a properly defined definition of done DOD) code back up to the repository as frequently as possible so that it can be integrated with the […]
Operating a Lean Software Engineering & Product Development Team (6/1/2020) - During the past several years, I have read quite a bit about lean software engineering, and as a leader have also mentored teams on the benefits and required process & cultural changes that may need to occur. I have documented (and frequently added new or updated content) a reference sheet that outlines what I believe to […]
Leadership and Scrum, What Does it Mean Really? (2/20/2020) - Have you ever wondered what it really means to be a leader in an agile / Scrum environment? I know I have, and It took me a while to figure out that I had a lot of room for improvement, and maybe you do too.  If you have read any of the hundreds of Scrum […]