SLI, SLA, SLO SLA, SLO, SLI defined (the short version) (6/23/2022) - Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many companies either as an employee or consultant. During this time, I have observed that many of the organizations and teams I work with are not as familiar as they should be with these important aspects of designing, building, deploying, and supporting production systems. […]
Solid design principles SOLID Design Principles (the short version) (6/23/2022) - There are many resources available on the internet that cover in detail what the SOLID design principles are in relation to object oriented programming. My goal of this article is to provide a clear and concise summary that condenses this topic in a way that can be read within a few minutes and used as […]
FinOps, bringing cloud financial accountability to the edge (6/5/2021) - It has been estimated by Gartner that cloud spend in 2021 will grow an additional 23.1% to a value of $332 billion, a $60 billion increase from 2020. With the omnipresent existence of engineering teams elevated cloud access, automation and devops, engineering teams are now able to rapidly and autonomously spin-up new resources and release […]
5 pillars of a learning organization explained (12/8/2020) - First of all, what is a learning organization anyway? A learning organization is a one that provides and embraces an environment where continuous learning and improvement is ingrained in its culture, leadership, and overall day-to-day operations. The idea was first introduced by Peter Senge. With organizations facing competition across the globe, continuous learning is just […]
DynamoDB Cheat Sheet (11/16/2020) - I have created a DynamoDB Cheat Sheet, which is based off of DynamoDB as of 11/14/2020. Does it include everything, of course not, and it may become obsolete at some point given the frequency of how often AWS updates their product line.  However, I will try to keep this updated as things change, and if […]